Maximum meaning, minimum means

Abram Games

Abram Games poster

Went to see an amazing exhibition of the work of graphic designer, Abram Games at the Williamson Art Gallery on the Wirral.

His mantra of: ‘Maximum meaning, minimum means’ resonates with me personally in the way I like to art direct my own communications. The idea is king and the art direction/design should only serve to amplify the idea. Create windows, not wallpaper would be my own mantra.

In this example, he has used the equation we take for granted these days: problem + solution = smile in the mind. If we create communications that make us complete the circle in our minds then we are exercising our neural pathways. This, in turn, allows the message to get a foothold in our short-term memory bank.

(Unlike a flat ‘Buy xxxxx for only £1.99’ message, which will only stick in the memory if it is forced in there with a media budget the size of Hannibal’s battering ram. There is no persuasion – only information.)

In the majority of Games’ work there is an idea. A simple idea that engages the consumer in a dialogue rather then a monologue.

The work is refreshing, beautiful and has transcended from advertising into art. If you can’t get the opportunity to visit the exhibition, you can see more of his work on the links below.

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