Welcome to Hell

Chapman Brothers - Apocalypse


This is a very disturbing film by the Chapman brothers. Love it or hate it, their work cannot be ignored. (Personally, I love it.) Might be something to do with re-enacting the Battle of the Bulge with my kid brother on our living room carpet. Or, more frighteningly, the fact that these scenes are based on a form of truth about mankind and war. Grotesque, savage, disgusting, merciless, terrifying, real. From Goya’s depiction of the Napoleonic/Peninsula war to the concentration camps of WWII. And even more recently with mass graves in Bosnia and Rwanda.

A few months ago I saw an exhibition in the Manchester Art Gallery where the Chapman brothers had replicated some of Goya’s scenes from the Peninsula war in 3D form. What was worrying is that the same atrocities committed 200 years ago are still in practice today.

To me, this film accurately shows that there is a hell and it is right hear on earth. Obversely, (and fortunately), the same can also be said of heaven.

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  1. That film reminds me of a night out round Pudsey. Didn’t see any takeouts though.

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