You only get out what you put in…

…Or why it’s important to read poetry, literature, look at art, look at nature, look at tabloids, look at broadsheets, drink in society – all of it. Because, if you’re a designer, art director, writer, film maker, artist or musician, you only get out what you put in.

This brilliant ad for the Independent newspaper features a poem by John Cooper Clarke. My point is, what came first, the ad or the poem? I doubt that the creative team who conceived this ad would have done so had they not been aware of: a) poetry, and b) John Cooper Clarke.

Cooper Clarke was nicknamed the Punk Poet Extraordinaire. And that’s what he was. Irreverent, funny, political, satirical. Perfect for an independent thinking newspaper.

Unfortunately, I can find the credits for the creators, so if anyone can shed any light on it, I’ll gladly up date it.


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