I’m a bigot, get me out of here!


© David Milligan-Croft

A reality tv series.

14 contestants on a desert island. 7 different belief systems ‘battle’ it out to see who is the most/least tolerant. The one thing they all have in common is they are all British by birth.

The contestants are made up of one male and one female from each belief system who do not know each other.

2 Christians, (one Protestant, one Catholic).
2 Muslims, (one Sunni, one Shi’ite).
2 Hindus.
2 Buddhists.
2 Sikhs.
2 Jews.
2 Atheists.

How do you win?
Like any other reality show – the public vote for the people they least like.
The two most unpopular members of the group are ‘defended’ by another group member from a different religious system who acts as their ‘attorney’.  The ‘attorney’ has to present a case why they should stay in the camp/community.

The public then vote again based on the arguments presented.

Last person standing is the winner. (The final two have to defend themselves.)

What do you win?
The coveted title of being the most religiously tolerant. And some cash for charity.

Two camps, one for males, one for females. To see how religious groups interact based on gender as well as beliefs.

One communal area where everyone meets to eat, socialise and participate in tasks.

In the first week, the group has to work together to build seven religious ‘shrines’, (one for each belief system), in order to win food for the community. (The atheists can build a bar.) In the second week they have to perform mental and physical tasks in order to win food. Voting takes place in the second week and lasts for two weeks.

Target audience.
Contestants should be young – aged between early and late twenties to appeal to the 18-34 audience.

What’s in it for the viewer?
We see just how tolerant/intolerant British society is. Challenge/acknowledge religious stereotypes.  Laugh at religious fruit cakes. Get angry at religious zealots.  Learn about different customs and religions. Become more understanding/tolerant as a nation.

Can’t really see the Beeb picking it up. But Living could go for it!


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