Penguin cover design

I don’t know about you, but I’m sad to say I quite often purchase a bottle of wine purely on the design of the label. (Usually, much to my disappointment.) However, I would have to say, I would buy this collection of literature just to have the cover designs to hand when I wanted to admire some exquisite typography. Literature of this calibre deserves design of this calibre.


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3 responses to “Penguin cover design

  1. Each of those covers looks really busy to me. Too much happening to really take in all at once. I think I prefer the covers that are simplified and focus on one aspect of the story or another.
    That said, each cover here does look brilliant. IT is just a matter of looking at it for long enough to take it all in.

  2. The covers are quite unique but you have to take time to read everything first before you can finally understand what the book is about.

    • I agree. But whilst they are not immediately graphic in depicting a singular image to encapsulate the story, I do find them extremely intriguing. Maybe that’s because I love good design, as much as literature. So, not for everyone.

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