Shaped by War

Shaped by War is an exhibition by world-renown photographer, Don McCullin, at the Imperial War Museum North.

I first came across McCullin’s work in the early 80s, when he covered the Beirut crisis.

However, he’s probably most famous for covering the war in Vietnam.

His work doesn’t just record events unfolding, but evokes the emotional side of his subjects.

In years to come, I think society will remember McCullin as one of the greatest photographers this world has ever seen.

He’s a man who brought the worst other men can inflict on one another, to our breakfast tables.

If you’re in the Manchester area, I thoroughly recommend a visit to the gallery which is in Salford Quays. Entry’s free but parking is 4 quid.

Some words I would use to describe the exhibition: moving, distressing, incredible, breathtaking, horrifying, harrowing. (Not for the feint hearted.)


Abandoned Child - Bangladesh







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