To art buy, or not to art buy.

When you work for/in big ad agencies they have Art Buyers. You come up with your idea and you tell them what kind of look/feel you’re looking for. The Art Buyer goes away and comes back a few days later with some photographers portfolios for you to have a look at. And you make your recommendation based on their expertise of shortlisting the best photographers for your job within your budget.

Unfortunately, most provincial ad agencies don’t have Art Buyers. Usually because the Creative Dept isn’t big enough to warrant one. So the onus to know who’s out there falls on the Art Director. This isn’t an ominous task. I, and most ADs I know, have had to do this throughout their careers. So, it’s always handy to get recommendations from your mates in other agencies.

I had the privilege of working with David Stewart while I was in Pravda advertising in Manchester. Brilliant photographer and very nice bloke to work with. He doesn’t take pictures – he tells stories with wit and simple sophistication.

Here are a few samples of his work. Though, a trip to his website will leave you much more satiated.

David Stewart.


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