Invisible Man on the rampage…

It was as plain as the nose on Cyrano de Bergerac’s face, that the notorious Invisible Man was on the rampage again in the San Siro stadium on wednesday night.

After an innocuous tussle with AC Milan’s, Abate, Ronaldo is then not clearly seen being punched in the face by the Invisible Man and falls to the ground writhing in agony, much to the bemusement of Abate and consternation of the AC Milan team.

How long is this menace to society going to be allowed to run amok and assault innocent footballers with no consequence to himself?

Rumours are that the Invisible Man is, in fact, the ghost of comic Italian actor, Roberto Benigni. But rumours were soon scotched due to the fact that Roberto Benigni isn’t actually dead.

Though signs do point to the nationality of the culprit actually being Italian as Brazil’s Rivaldo was similarly assaulted by the Invisible Man at World Cup 98 during a match with Turkey. Which is quite close to Italy.

Worryingly, Interpol have no leads as to the whereabouts of the Invisible Menace who is still at large. They have urged the public to keep a look out for anyone wearing a trilby, dark glasses and is swathed in bandages. Though, they stressed not to confuse him with Michael Douglas.

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