Shhh, an ad with no logo

Now here’s an idea for you, Doll Face.

A recruitment ad with absolutely no contact details on it.

It’s a spec idea for a Private Detective agency.

The idea being that if you were any good at detective work, you’d be able to find out who placed the ad. And hopefully, you’d think they had bucket loads of personality and confidence.

Of course the client would be nervous about shelling out their hard-earned greenbacks on an ad that doesn’t have their contact details, or even their logo on it. (Or does it?)


If I was a Private Dick, (step away from the Return button, I’ll do the gags), this is what I’d do…

1. Call the newspaper and ask who placed the ad.


2. “Inner-city”. Wouldn’t be too tricky to narrow it down a bit. Then call up the shortlist.


3. Why is the ‘i’ yellow? Do any of the companies have yellow in their logo?


4. Do any of the companies use the distressed typewriter font?

I think I’ve been reading too many Raymond Chandler novels.



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