Another Big Bang Theory

Scientists theorize that black holes are wormholes to different universes. Or maybe even different parts of the same universe.

But considering that all the elements that created the universe are present in a star, (and also on our own planet), could it be possible, if only theoretically, that the collapse of a star into a black hole is actually the formation of a universe at the other side of it?

Ergo, at the point of origin of the ‘Big Bang’ is the ‘exit’ of a black hole which we were ‘expelled’ from when a star collapsed in an alternate universe.

I’m sure there’s a scientific reason why this isn’t possible. Or, if it is, that someone has already thought of it.

Anyway, it’s just a thought.

The formation of a universe?


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2 responses to “Another Big Bang Theory

  1. Anonymous

    I completely feel this theory, too. It’s research that led me to your post. It makes sense and would explain the indigenous beliefs of rebirth. Great to connect, Trace :o)

    • Thanks for your comment, Trace. I’m not scientifically minded, so I’m sure a more learned person come tell me why this theory isn’t possible. I’m also fascinated by fractals and how they are mirrored in the universe, i.e. spiral galaxies, and here on earth in plants and flowers.

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