Just a pile of rocks?

David Nash

“Don’t climb on the statue,” I said to my eldest daughter.

“It’s just a pile of rocks, Daddy,” she replied.

Now, it sounds like I’m going to write a post dissing modern sculpture. But I’m not. I love the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I’ve been many times now with my family and although my kids may not appreciate the subtleties of modern art, they do love a good run around and a clamber over randomly placed rocks.

There are permanent works by Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Sophie Ryder amongst others. They also have an exhibition on at the mo by an artist called David Nash. He works mainly in wood and his sculptures are very organic.


David Nash

YSP is a pretty unique place. Set in vast grounds, (if you want acreage you can look on their website), it’s just as much fun going for a stroll around the park, worrying sheep and enjoying a picnic as it is perusing the indoor galleries.

It’s free in, parking’s four quid and they have a decent gift shop and cafe. Though, my one criticism would be that, even though the food is lovely, the prices are a tiny bit steep for my liking. Well, I am a Yorkshireman, after all. It’s somewhere between Wakefield and Barnsley in south, West Yorkshire and north, South Yorkshire. Er… I’d Google map it if I were you. We go over from sunny Stocky which is a lovely jaunt over the Woodhead Pass.

I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. If you like art, you’ll love it. If you’ve got kids, they’ll love it. If you like oxygen, you’ll love it.

Very unworried sheep

Sophie Ryder. (The sculpture, not my daughter.)

Barbara Hepworth

Henry Moore

Henry Moore?

Sophie Ryder

Sophie Ryder

David Nash

David Nash

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