Japan Art Auction – Important Notice for all Artists…

…who are kindly contributing work to the exhibition/auction.

The date has been set: Thursday 7th April.

Venue: Studio Manchester.

Which means I’m going to need your artwork by the end of this month, Tuesday 31st March please.

Could I also ask that, if possible, you supply all work mounted or framed. I appreciate that this is an extra financial burden on individual contributors, but if you don’t, it’s an extra financial burden on me X by 35!

If you email me at: dmc@anidealworld.eu
I can give you a postal address where to send work.

Could you also email me a digital version of your artwork and a brief biog of your self for an online catalogue.

Thank you so much for, not only supporting the event by donating your time and creativity, but also your many kind words of encouragement.



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