I’m a little bit OCD.

I hate untidiness.

(To be honest, I don’t think OCD actually exists. I think the term was coined by slovenly sloths as a way of justifying their tardiness.)

But, as is my want, I am digressing…

What’s wrong with this number: £4,660?

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it – it’s damned scruffy looking.

Now, look at this number: £5,000.

Doesn’t that look an awful lot tidier?

So, in the interest of placating my imaginary ‘condition’, let’s try and get that rather unruly looking number up by £340 to the magic £5k.

Here’s how you can do it:

There are a couple of things that didn’t quite make it to the exhibition on time, and a couple of other things that didn’t meet their reserve.

So now’s your chance, not only to snap up a fantastic work of art for a song, but most importantly, help the victims of the Japan tsunami.

The Gardener, by Jean Smith, USA

This arrived in today after being held up by customs. It’s approx 29 cm x 29 cm in a black frame. Beautifully simple woodcut screenprinted on textured paper. It was valued at $100 by customs, so any offers over that please!

Alex Telfer

This fabulous shot turned up a day late through no fault of Alex Telfer’s, but of a certain courier company.

Framed, it’s approx A2 in size, so the print is probably around A3. Any sensible bids? Baring in mind, most of the photography went for well over a hundred on the night.

Ring 3, Junko Mori

These rings by Junko Mori are about as unique as you’re ever going to get. They were cast from Australian plants and are made from solid silver! You’re not buying a ring, you’re buying a work of art.

We sold three on the night, but I can’t let these go for under one hundred pounds each. The trade price alone is £150. And remember, who’s going to benefit.

Ring 5, Junko Mori

Our Fragile Earth, by Lily Kenny and Katy Egan

‘Our Fragile Earth’ is a window decal made from resin and food colouring. I bet it looks amazing with sunlight shining through it. Come on, a 10 year old girl and her Mum have done their bit for the people of Japan.

There are a couple of more pieces still en route, so I’ll update as and when I get them.

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