Legalised Child Abuse

When I was CD at The Hub, in Preston, we were working on a social marketing pitch, and completely unrelated to what we were working on, (as is often the case when trying to conceive ideas), one of my team came up with this idea.

No Smoking in cars by Graham Walker

It was designed by Graham Walker, a very talented chap indeed.

It takes the very familiar ‘No Entry’ traffic sign which has been adapted to take the form of a cigarette. The campaign line emanates from the end of the cigarette like a wisp of smoke.

In its present form it’s more of a ‘Don’t smoke in cars’ badge. But in the light of the present debate about smoking in cars with child occupants, I think it could easily be adapted to fit that.

Okay, we’ve all seen ideas that have used traffic sign posts. But as the great Tim Delaney once said to me: Tell me something I don’t know, or tell me something I do know in a completely different way.

Now, I haven’t seen this done before.

I’m an ex-smoker. And I’ve no problem with people smoking in the privacy of their own cars – civil liberties and all that. But what I do object to is people smoking in cars when children are inside. It’s tantamount to child abuse.

And it should be made illegal.

Being a parent, what galls me is when I see other parents smoking in cars with their kids in the back and the windows rolled up. You may as well dress them in monkey suits and put them in a lab with a packet of Bennies.

To get the ball rolling, how about a campaign to make smoking in cars with child occupants illegal.

Any takers?

Guerilla tactics


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