Engine not firing on all cylinders

Take a look at this graduate recruitment film for Engine.


The film, presented by Tim Westwood, extols the virtues of Engine being a ‘best in class’ 360 / integrated / TTL / digital / and a whatever-else-you-might-need agency for the 21st century.

The problem is – it’s diabolical.

Not only is it unoriginal, it’s a desperately poorly made unoriginal idea.

I’m staggered it even made it to the Creative Director’s door, let alone out again.

It may be a spoof. It may be tongue-in-cheek. But what it certainly isn’t, is creative.

The other problem I have, is with the concept of the agency, rather than the concept of the film. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be integrated. But let’s not pretend you’re unique.

A few years ago now, London agencies cottoned onto the idea that if they did TTL campaigns rather than just ATL, they’d make more money.

Agencies outside of London had been doing this for years.

Primarily because clients wanted a one-stop-shop and didn’t see the value in employing specialists in various fields.

I believe the same is true today of the ‘360’ offering purported to be unique by Engine. I can think of at least half a dozen shops in Manchester who’ve been doing it for a few years now.

Anyhoop, back to my point: The last thing an agency should be doing if they’re claiming to be ‘best in class’ is an embarrassing, cringe-worthy piece that wouldn’t even make it into the undergrad’s book that they’re trying to coax.

An old adage springs to mind: Don’t tell me you’re funny; tell me a joke.


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