Dirty ‘Arry

Watched a great film t’other night called Harry Brown. It stars Michael Caine as a vigilante OAP on a decrepit council estate run by Huggies. (That’s a cross between Hoodies and Druggies.)

These Huggies seem to have the run of the place without fear of recrimination or prosecution from the Old Beak. They continually pop caps in people’s bottoms without so much an on the spot fine.

Caine finally has to park up his zimmer and get his Glock out when the Huggies murder his bezzie chess-playing mate in an underpass.

Harry has nothing left to live for, so in a cross between Charlie Bronson’s Deathwish and an episode of Dad’s Army, he sets about cleaning up the estate. Actually, messing it up would be more accurate, as there’s blood everywhere.

One copper’s on to him though, a female superintendent who’s not taken that seriously by her colleagues both above, and below her.

Although there’s quite a lot of evidence pointing towards Harry being the chief suspect, the head honcho copper overrules the superintendent and decides to go into the estate mob-handed.

As you can imagine, the local Huggies aren’t particularly fond of the old rozzers and a riot ensues. Which gives a perfect backdrop for Caine to clean up the last of the dregs.

It’s gritty, action-packed and a bit far-fetched. (Not in terms of how bad the estate is, but how an OAP manages to do what an entire police force can’t – has no one in the Metropolitan police heard of fingerprints!)

If you like your films seedy, bloody and dark, then this is for you. Caine is great as ex-Marine, Harry Brown. Then again, he’d be great as an ex-cross-dressing-SAS-hairdresser.

Hang on, that gives me an idea…

Harry Brown, Starring Michael Caine, Director: Daniel Barber, 2009.


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