Hands up who wants teachers to strike?

Cameron: You have to pay more into your pension.

Teacher: Oh. Do I get a bigger pension then?

Cameron: No, you’ll get a smaller one.

Teacher: I see.

Cameron: And you’ll have to work longer.

Teacher: So, to recap: You want me to pay more, to get less and work longer?

Cameron: Yes.

Teacher: Is that legal?

Cameron: Did I mention that it won’t be based on your final year salary, but your career average?

I have to confess to having a declared interest as my wife is a teacher. However, if she wasn’t, I would still be in favour of this Thursday’s strike action by the teachers’ unions. As what the government is proposing is not only unethical, it’s bordering on fraud.

As a freelancer, it doesn’t really affect me in terms of having to make alternative childcare arrangements. Though, for many employed people it will leave them in a bit of a pickle.

It could end up costing the economy more than just the price of teachers being out of work for a day.

Perhaps that money would be better spent going into the pensions rather than down the plughole.


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