My life in 2D

[Another] One of the good things about having younglings is being exposed to things one might not ordinarily be exposed to such as: children’s books.

I was first introduced to Oliver Jeffers by another parent. (Not literally, you understand.) The story in question was: The Incredible Book Eating Boy.

As the title suggests, it is about a boy who devours books. The more he eats, the cleverer he gets. Before long, he’s the cleverest person on the entire planet. Grown-ups included.

Things start to go a bit pear-shaped when he begins to get the information muddled up: 2 + 2 = elephant.

A team of doctors conclude that he must stop eating books. (No shit.) They don’t actually say what might happen to him. But I imagine at the bare minimum it would involve a severe case of constipation. (No shit – literally.)

One day, the IBEB, in a state of complete boredom, decides to pick up a book. But instead of eating it, he just reads it. And guess what? He loves it.

Not only is it a really original idea, it is also beautifully illustrated in Jeffers’ unique style.

The way back home

My girls have all of his books bar one. All quirkily interesting stories, all exquisitely illustrated.

One of the other reasons I’m such a big fan of his work is that his little ‘boy’ character reminds me of me. Not because I was adventurous or ingenious or anything like that. But because he literally reminds me of me.

UNCANNY: Up and Down, by Oliver Jeffers

You see, my childhood was different from everyone else’s, in that I wasn’t brought up in a 3D physical world like most boys and girls, but a 2D illustrated one instead. You see, I was born in Batley, a small milltown in West Yorkshire and we couldn’t afford a third dimension. It wasn’t until I was 8, when we moved to New Zealand, that I became solid matter. I think my parents thought Kiwis might look down their noses at us for being common.

UNCANNY: Me on the way to NZ

Anyhoop, I’m digressing more than a politician at a corruption tribunal.

I can’t remember why or how I ended up on his website, but it was there that I saw that he isn’t just a children’s author/illustrator, but also an accomplished artist and sculptor.

Replacing Adrianna in 3 parts, by Oliver Jeffers

So why am I telling you all of this? Well, have a look at his website. Even if you don’t have kids, it will make you happy.

A depiction of beauty

Never ever ever be without a note / sketch book



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4 responses to “My life in 2D

  1. Cat

    Browsing the kids’ section in Smiths is always a pleasure – and I’ll be looking out for these. One you won’t come across in there, but may enjoy, is this…

    (Warning: contains sweary words)

  2. That’s fucking ace! Thanks, Cat.

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