Waiting for the fire to go out

It’s been a while since I posted a poem. The tsunami in Japan prompted the last one.


© David Milligan-Croft

I remember a time,
When I couldn’t light a fire.
Coal or peat.

You always lit them:
Kneeling on the rug
Building it up
With sticks and firelighters
And bits of screwed up paper.
Wiping your nose
With the back of your hand
So’s not to soot your face.

You’d sit a while,
Watching blankly to see if it’d take hold.
Then you’d stand like a statue
Drawing it with a broadsheet.

I light them now.
I make a little castle with my peat briquettes,
Like it shows you on the firelighter box.
And I sit with my poker,
Staring into a space beyond the flames.
My hand burning, my face burning.
And I wait
Until you go out.

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