We have good news about your ticket

I had a plan to get myself, and my family, out of the quagmire that is this great recession. And that plan was: Euromillions.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: I’m completely naive putting all my eggs in one basket. Well, fear not my, furry friends, there is a Plan B: The Lotto.

Anyhoop, like millions of people across the Eurozone, I had been watching the jackpot getting obscenely higher and higher, as each week there was another roll over. What delight I took in the fact that everyone else was as unlucky as me.

Mostly, through laziness, I’ve started doing it online. That way I can be assured that I remember to do it and also be tempted by Plan C: Instant Wins.

You don’t even have to bother checking your numbers to see if you’ve won as those very nice people at Camelot are kind enough to send you an email.

The only problem I have with this kind gesture, is that they don’t say: Hey Dave, congratulations you’ve won a tenner.

Instead, they say: We have good news about your ticket. Click here to find out.

I received one such email after the recent mega-jackpot.

My heart back to quicken. My cheeks began to flush. (All four of them.) Could it possibly be that I have won the Euromillions jackpot?

I cast a glance towards heaven as I clicked the link and said a small prayer: Dear Jebus, if you let it be me, I promise I’ll go to church everyday. Well okay, maybe on Sundays. Or the main religious festivals, like Diwali.

Firefox opened and I logged into my lottery account.
Congratulations! You’ve won £23 in the Euromillions draw.

So please, Camelot, in future will you be kind enough not to tease me so and just tell me how much, (or how little), I have actually won.

Otherwise, I might have to resort to Plan D: Work.


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