Dream me up

You must see this photography website called Dream Me Up it’s absolutely stunning. It’s a must for any art directors or designers out there.

Even if you’re not in the ad industry there’s an incredible selection of work from photographers across the globe.

I did tweet and Facebook it a while back, but some readers of this blog don’t subscribe to my twitter feeds.

Anita Ekberg, Malmo, 1953 by Georg Oddner



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3 responses to “Dream me up

  1. Thank you. Kind words.
    And can I quote you on this?

  2. You most certainly can, Petter.
    You might be interested in having a look as these:

    There’s something creepy about abandoned funfairs. Amazing shots too. Six Flags New Orleans [75 Pics] http://t.co/cQ3c0Yn

  3. Yes, creepy indeed. And somehow sinister and touching at the same time.

    And thank you.

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