I think pretty much everybody in the world will be familiar with the I ‘heart’ NY symbol. ‘Less you be trekking through the jungles of a remote pacific island unawares that WWII is actually over.

It was designed in 1976 for the New York tourist board by Milton Glaser, commissioned by ad agency Wells Rich Greene.

It has cemented its place in graphic design history having been copied and plagiarised ad infinitum.

I’ve even parodied it myself for a grab hire company in Doncaster. (A grab being a sort of digger on the back of a lorry that picks up muck.)

Now what has all this got to do with hating cheese I hear you squeak.

Well, it’s more to do with opposites: Yin & Yang, Black & White, Day & Night, Love & Hate…

Now, I don’t actually ‘hate’ anyone so I was finding it hard to decide who, or what, to use for my example of I Love NY’s antonym. But there is one thing that I hate and that thing is CHEESE.

Cheese makes me vomit. Literally. I detest the stuff. Even the smell makes me feel nauseous. Except for mozzarella for some reason. Maybe because it comes from buffalos, I don’t know.

I think my loathing for all things curdled stems from my primary school days when a rather buxom dinner lady forced me to stand on a chair in the dining hall and eat a bowl of apple pie and custard with a cube of crumbly cheddar semi-submerged within it.

I imagine most cheese lovers might find the combination repugnant, let alone a six-year old boy protesting that he didn’t like cheese.

Well, suffice it to say, after publicly humiliating me in front of my peers, I promptly threw up all over the table. And her.

I haven’t done any exhaustive research to see if this idea already exists. By that, I mean inverting the heart symbol to signify hate, not the idea of promoting cheese hating. If it does, I apologise for wasting your time.


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