The Colour of Poetry

Time for a little experiment.

I decided that I would assign a colour to each letter of the alphabet using the range of a rainbow.

So, starting with Red as A, moving through to Violet as Z.

And to show you what that looks like, here’s a pretty little picture of it.

Rainbow Alphabet

Now, some people might say that I need to do a bit more work on the blending. And they’d be right. But for the sake of expediency, you’re stuck with the above.

Next, I took a poem. Actually it’s a haiku. No point getting too ambitious.

I wanted to see what my poem would look like purely as colour.

And it looks like this…

I think it looks kind of pretty in an abstract kind of way.

Of course, you wouldn’t just have to use the colours of the rainbow. You might want to try it using only hues of red and orange. You could also vary the shapes.

If it doesn’t take the art world by storm MI6 could always use it as code.

Next up, The Odyssey.


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9 responses to “The Colour of Poetry

  1. planaquarium

    visual poetry, love it!

    • Thank you, Planaquarium.
      It’s been something I’ve wanted to try for a while now. Though, as I do it manually, it’s quite time consuming. (Hence me trying it on a haiku.) What I need now is for someone to build me an app that does it for me!

  2. I like it, David.

    It’s like a form of self-imposed synaesthesia.

    You could try a version using a QWERTY keyboard format, too.

  3. Hey, Chris,
    I had to look up ‘synaesthesia’ before replying. And you’re right, it is!
    Bang goes my theory that I’m a genius.
    Back to the drawing board.

  4. Back to the drawing board? Never! Why should synaesthetes have all the fun? No reason at all, thanks to your marvellous and as yet unnamed, um, chromalphabet?

  5. Beautiful 🙂 I guess you have read the French poet Rimbaud’s poem ‘Voyelles’? Not the best translation (I used to teach French literature once upon a time :)), but in case you haven’t read it, this one comes close. If you can read French, please read the original.

    A black, E white, I red, U green, O blue: vowels,
    I shall tell, one day, of your mysterious origins:
    A, black velvety jacket of brilliant flies
    which buzz around cruel smells,

    Gulfs of shadow; E, whiteness of vapours and of tents,
    lances of proud glaciers, white kings, shivers of cow-parsley;
    I, purples, spat blood, smile of beautiful lips
    in anger or in the raptures of penitence;

    U, waves, divine shudderings of viridian seas,
    the peace of pastures dotted with animals, the peace of the furrows
    which alchemy prints on broad studious foreheads;

    O, sublime Trumpet full of strange piercing sounds,
    silences crossed by [Worlds and by Angels]:
    –O the Omega! the violet ray of [His] Eyes!

  6. I hadn’t read it, Asha. Thanks for sharing, it’s fantastic.

  7. I’ve read a few translated French novels, but the only poetry I’ve read is Les Fleurs du Mal by Baudelaire. I did enjoy it, but it’s difficult to know whether it was a good translation.
    Do you write poetry?

  8. Asha

    I have written a few poems, but I have read so much great poetry, I dare not speak of them, the comparison puts me in my place 🙂

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