The Darwin Vampires

Declared interest.

If you want to know what contemporary Irish poetry is all about, then look no further than The Darwin Vampires by Patrick Chapman.

You not only get an insight into modern-day Ireland, but also a glimpse into the mind of an extraordinary writer.

It has everything from science fiction to science fact. It’s sexy and seedy, provocative and profound. Sometimes dark with Gothic undertones, other times, witty and wistful.

The Darwin Vampires by Patrick Chapman

If you love poetry then you’ll love Chapman’s unique voice. I guarantee you won’t have read anything similar. And if you don’t read poetry, this is a good place to start as The Darwin Vampires is brimming, not just with verse, but with ideas.

The Darwin Vampires is Patrick Chapman’s fifth collection of poetry and is published by Salmon Poetry.

Patrick Chapman

The Darwin Vampires

© Patrick Chapman

for Catherine

Being loth to sink in at your neck, they prefer to drink
Between your toes. They revel in the feet; they especially
Enjoy those places in between, where microbial kingdoms,
Overthrown with a pessary, render needle-toothed
Injuries invisible; where any trace of ingress, lost in the fold,

Is conspicuous – as they themselves in daylight are –
By its absence. You will hardly notice that small
Sting; might not miss a drop until the moment
That the very last is drained. And when you’re six
Beneath the topsoil, you will never rise to join them.

Rather, you will be a hint; a fluctuating butterfly;
A taste-regret on someone’s tongue; a sudden tinted
Droplet in the iris of a fading smile; a blush upon
A woman’s rose; a broken vein in someone’s eyelid –
Always one degree below what’s needed to be warm.



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2 responses to “The Darwin Vampires

  1. I’ll admit, of all the dark and gothic things that I do enjoy, vampires are not one of them but your last stanza is spectacular -particularly:
    Droplet in the iris of a fading smile; a blush upon
    A woman’s rose . . .

  2. Thanks, KJPGarcia, but I’m not the author, only a conduit.

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