Thought Different – RIP Steve Jobs

Bill Bernbach revolutionized the ad industry from the inside back in the 60s.

Steve Jobs revolutionized it from the outside in the 90s. (Depending on where in the globe you were plying your trade.) In Scotland, they think an Apple Mac is a new dessert at McDonald’s.

Admittedly, Bernbach changed the way we think, Jobs changed the way we do.

But our industry has never been the same since. I doubt there are many art directors and writers, (not to mention designers), who don’t have a Mac on their desk or in their bag.

Ask anyone who owns a Mac and they’ll tell you they’ll never touch a PC again.

They just work, better.

Not content with revolutionizing the advertising and design industry, he also set about working his magic on the music and telecommunications industries too.

Tell me, how did we live without our iPhones?

Here are a couple of ads paying homage to Steve Jobs. I’ve selected these because they are my favourites. But you can see more here:

Agency: Bang In The Middle, Guraon, India.

Agency: DDB Dubai, UAE.

If you’re not in the ad industry and you’re reading this, then you might not ‘get’ the ‘Thought Different’ homage to Jobs. It is based on an ad campaign which was about “crazy people” who thought differently.

Interestingly, if they made this TV ad today, Steve Jobs would be in it.

Apparently, Steve Jobs is doing the VO in this version. (Later to be revoiced by Richard Dreyfuss.)

I don’t know Steve Jobs, so I’m pretty sure, like the rest of us, he has a few skeletons in the cupboard. Some scarier than others. And I’m also pretty sure that there are quite a lot of other unsung people at Apple who have contributed to the company’s meteoric rise to world domination. But… let’s let the poor fella go cold before we start vilifying him.

Like it or not, Steve Jobs was a visionary.



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4 responses to “Thought Different – RIP Steve Jobs

  1. Dan Kenyon

    Jobs was compared to Edison last week and according to biographers it seems that Edison was throughly unpleasant.

    It’s somehow satisfying to think in the past week of wailing and hagiography that here was a man who created the most significant social bonding tool since TV – but rode the lift on his own as no one wanted to share with him!

    So not a total visionary then.

  2. Just looked at all the other ads. Dreadful aren’t they?

    One man’s death is another man’s skanky award entry.

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