Republic of Scotland – Two Nations Divided

There’s been a lot of talk of late about a referendum on Scottish independence.

Let ’em ‘ave it! is what I say.

By that, I don’t mean open up on ’em with a battery of Gatling guns. I mean, it’s their country, it’s up to them.

If it was me, I’d vote yes.

Some people say it will result in England, Wales, NornIrn and Scotland having less muscle in Europe.

Is that what independence is about – political and economic might?

I thought it was about being able to determine your own destiny.

Being Free.

But it did get me thinking about England and the proverbial divide between north and south and whether it was time for a referendum on whether we should split the country in half.

Below is a rough border of where I think England should be divided.

North / Saarf divide

Then I was wondering about what we should call these two ‘new’ countries. And I couldn’t help getting my hackles up about when the glorious House of York was duped off the throne by that pesky Henry Tudor, (who was Welsh, by the way), and his turncoat ally, Lord Stanley.

So to redress the balance, and to give Yorkshire back its rightful inheritance, I thought this might be a suitable name for the new Motherland:

The Democratic Republic of Yorkshireland

Then I started to get a bit giddy. I don’t know if it was the power going to my head, or my formative years being filled with “Guess the pink bit” on the map of the world, but I thought this iteration was a marked improvement.

The Commonwealth of Yorkshireland

Of course, we’d need a new flag as well. I was thinking of something simple…

White Rose

Anyhoo, I think it’d be a great idea. So, I’m nominating myself as the inaugural President of Yorkshireland.

All those in favour say: Aye, ‘appen as mebby.


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6 responses to “Republic of Scotland – Two Nations Divided

  1. Great blog! Although, is there no drilling machine that could cut Scotland off from England entirely and leave them to drift off into the North Sea, or is that out of the question?

  2. Ian Gee

    Very droll, but there’s a serious issue underlying all this.
    What Britain really needs to resolve these internal contradicions is to become a Federal Republic, a United States of Britain. Four autonomous States with a Federal tier of goverment to resolve excusively national issues of defence, etc. (Scotland shouldn’t really need to fund its own navy).
    Of course, it needn’t just be made up of the four nations we currently have. It could be more if you want to split England up into smaller, more culturally cohesive parts, perhaps based on the old Anglo-Saxon Kingdom boundaries – Northumbria, Cumbria, Mercia, Anglia, Wessex. Either way, it sorts out the issues of local versus national identity and the West Lothian question once and for all. What do you think? A bit too radical and idea, given that the USA has onyl been experimenting with it for the last 200 years?

    • Hi Ian,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Personally, I think that’s a very interesting idea.
      Though, I imagine that’s one of the reasons Cameron doesn’t want any other questions on the referendum paper, other than a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as it could potentially lead to the break up of the Union or the decentralization of power.

  3. Ian Gee

    Sorry for the typos in the last sentence, the entry box doesn’t allow you to see all that you’re typing if you bang on too long! (And there’s no ‘edit’ grace period once you’ve posted).

  4. Angelo Lonoce

    Hi my name is Angelo Lonoce i,m an Italian man so therfore that means a (European) cityzen wich give the right to chose where to live and work in the 27 member state wich one of this is the UK but saddly i see here breached my right till i was living in London but suddenly one day i got fed up of England and moved up to Scotland in Gasgow and i like it plus the people are very nice and friendly anyway i,m supporting the indipendence of Scotland and i really would be very happy for the Scottish people to see them one of a new member of the European Union wich will be benefit Scotland themself and the rest of European Union so then i,m waiting with much anxiety to see the Scottish people celebrate the big day of indipendence from UK in 2014 good luck Scotland with great respect kind regards. Angelo Lonoce

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