Cartoon strip: The Antagonistic Protagonist

A few days ago I wrote a poem called The Antagonistic Protagonist. Since then, I’ve been pondering the idea and thought it might make for a novel cartoon strip.

The idea being that the key protagonist of the story is quite antagonistic. But his (or her) prickly attitude, gets them nowhere.

The strip is broken down into three acts, as in a screenplay.

The antagonistic protagonist header

The antagonistic protagonist 1

The antagonistic protagonist 2

The antagonistic protagonist 3

Feel free to to click on the image below and download it if you like it.

The antagonistic protagonist cartoon strip by david milligan-croft

The Antagonistic Protagonist by David Milligan-Croft



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4 responses to “Cartoon strip: The Antagonistic Protagonist

  1. Definitely an idea there Mr Croft. Do fifty, chose six, send to an agent.

  2. Great post by the way

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