Poetry – Bored to Tears

By David Milligan-Croft

Your Holden Kingswood growled
As you depressed the accelerator
In the shopping mall car park.

Mam was inside, loading a trolley
With things I didn’t care about,
Except for the pop and sweets.

With bermudas sticking to my skin,
I got out of the car,
And did my best Kung-fu moves
To try and separate them.

To relieve my boredom,
I decided to tease you.

I decided to lean in through the window
And flick at your hairy ears,
Evading your grasping, sweaty palm.

I found this extremely gratifying, until
You caught me by my forefinger,
Wound up the window,
Then calmly, unhinged your Zippo.

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