An Angel Lamenting

Our TV screens are bombarded by a myriad of talent shows but, paradoxically, very few of the contestants actually have much to speak of.

Billie Tweddle has it in bucket loads – and she’s only 12! She has a voice like an angel lamenting.

I don’t know her personally, she’s a friend of a friend’s daughter. And, by all accounts, is a very modest, unassuming girl.

If you love her performance of Lucy Rose’s ‘Middle of the bed’ as much as I do, maybe you’d like to help her out and share it with your friends.

After all, it’d be nice to see people with actual talent having a bit of success for a change.

I showed it to my 6 year old daughter and she was so impressed that she now wants to be a singer. Which is nice. Because yesterday she wanted to be a cowgirl. Do you know how many ranches there are in Stockport?


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