Counter number 8, please.

A poem about the monotony of shopping. Or, more accurately, queuing.

© David Milligan-Croft.

“Counter number eight, please.”

The Tannoy instructs us

As the red arrow indicates right.

Shoppers shuffle down the aisle

One space at a time, sliding baskets

Along the ground with their feet.

The stainless steel grating against

The concrete floor, like the piped music

Against our ears.

Girls laden with fresh fruit

And yoghurt, trying to hide

Their large tubs of Häagen Dazs.

While men with Pot Noodles and rashers,

Ready meals and six packs,

Check-out girls’ behinds.

Cashiers blink to the beep

Of the scanner, their eyes ringing

Up the seconds till closing time.


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2 responses to “Counter number 8, please.

  1. David, really like this poem. Sums the monotony up in a very insightful way. Must keep a closer eye on the men in supermarkets from now on!!!

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