Today’s Haiku

Well, we haven’t had one of these for a while…


A chagrin of souls

Floating like ghostly leaves – in

An autumn forest.



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5 responses to “Today’s Haiku

  1. Yes! I love it. Incredible how much a haiku can encapsulate in so few words.

    Here’s one I wrote on November 5

    high tide this minute
    tapestry of sea and sky
    deep November blues

    • Thank you, Jean! You’re very kind.
      I really like yours too.
      I love writing haiku. Not because they are short! But because it takes such discipline to capture a moment in so few words/syllables.

      • It seems like the world is very divided about haiku ~ either passion bordering on addiction or scorn. I’m like you in loving the form. Great to meet a soul mate in this regard!

  2. The people who pour scorn upon haiku usually feel the same way about poetry in general. Each to their own I guess. It’s not often you meet someone who knows what haiku is, let alone being a fan!

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