Top 10 Sci-Fi films of all time.

Okay, we had my top 10, (ahem), love films of all time. So, I thought it was about time to man-up a bit and post – what I think – are the 10 best Sci-fi movies of all time – ever. To infinity and back.

Now, you may beg to differ with my chosen cinematic behemoths. And, if you do, you’d be wrong. However, feel free to enlighten me to any classics I’ve missed.

Cop hunts robots. Falls in love with robot. He might be a robot.

“Open the pod bay doors, Al.” A classic from Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke. “Open ’em yourself, yer lazy get.”

Epic empirical wars over life-giving spice [oil].

Things go frustratingly awry for Sam in this bureaucratic dystopia.

Man goes back in time to protect mother of future leader of resistance against robots. Pursued by Terminator, our hero ends up being the dad of the future leader. Eh? So, if he didn’t go back in the, oh forget it.

Rescue ship finds missing spaceship that can create black holes. Unfortunately, the black hole it created led to hell.

I’m still biting my nails over this deep-space thriller.

Who says sci-fi can’t be funny? Worth a view just for the orgasmatron.

Well, I liked it. No nasty aliens. No blood and guts. Just ethical questions about god and science.

Nothing is real, you know. Should be a documentary rather than a movie.












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9 responses to “Top 10 Sci-Fi films of all time.

  1. Shane Holohan

    Dude I’m not buying your (implicit) definition of Sci-fi. You seem to be going with the whole futuristic/space travel genre. Sci-fi is fiction set in worlds where the science is different… recent Sci-fi gems that boldly go (without need of warp drive) include Never Let Me Go, The Eternal Sunshine, Truman Show

    • Can’t disagree with you, young man. Loved ‘Eternal Sunshine’, and I’m not in the frame of mind to watch ‘Never let me go’, although I do know the story. ‘Truman Show’ is an inspired choice. ‘Gattaca’ is another good one.

  2. Briain Wright

    Open the pod bay doors…. HAL!!!

    I agree with most but I think you have to put Star Wars in the top ten. Yes, its a simple western in space but it was a first of it’s kind. And look at it’s legacy (for better or worse). Or maybe you just had to be under 10 when it first came out

    • It’s ‘Al in Yorkshire, matey. I was torn about Star Wars. But I can’t look at Luke Skywalker without thinking he’s a whiney little so-and-so. And don’t get me started on Jar Jar Binks.
      I really enjoyed Avatar. What with its plugging into nature and all.

      • Briain Wright

        I accept your argument about Luke but Han and Darth Vader and Yoda and the Jedi and Light Sabers more than compensate!

        ET and Close Encounters would probable push out Dune and Event Horizon for me.

      • Okay, I admit it. I absolutely loved Star Wars when it first came out. Maybe they should do an 18 rated version just with Darth, Obi, Jinn, Solo and Yoda. Neeson and Samuel L. Jackson were inspired choices. Johnny Vegas could be Luke.

      • Briain Wright

        Get on to Lucas at once, oh wait… I mean Disney… Crap!

  3. John Smart

    Wot, no ‘Silent Running’?

  4. Shamefully, I’m not sure I’ve even seen that. It did put me in mind of Capricorn One though. The one with the fake mission to the moon and they try to bump off the astronauts. Great conspiracy movie.

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