I’m a celebrity get me a new constituency!

Tory MP for Mid-Bedfordshire, Nadine Dorries.
(Not in Mid-Bedfordshire by the looks of things.)

Tory MP, Nadine Dorries, is in the Australian jungle in the reality TV show I’m a celebrity get me out of here. Personally, I think she should stay there. I’d also prefer it if the rest of her Tory party chums were sent out to join her. But I believe we gave up that practice a few years ago.

The problem I have with her being on this jungle jolly is that she is still drawing her £65,738 MP’s salary + expenses. (So that could be anywhere up to a couple of million quid.) And she has publicly stated that she isn’t foregoing any of it. On top of that she’s also going to be paid £40 grand by ITV for appearing on the show. Doubtless there’ll be dozens of paid-for media opportunities once she gets out.

It’s common knowledge that eating koala babies and supping crocodile blood is nothing new to Tory MPs, so chowing down on a brace of Skippy’s gonads shouldn’t be much of an ordeal for Ms Dorries. But the simple fact is, she should be back here doing the job she is being paid to do by the British tax payer, which is representing the constituents of Mid-Bedfordshire.

Surely, absconding for a month while still drawing a salary is tantamount to gross misconduct?

And, before anyone says: ‘well, she’s got a wider audience to get her views across by appearing on the show’; have a listen to this radio interview. It features Nadine’s “speechless”parliamentary assistant being quizzed as to why one of her constituents isn’t getting a response to her letters.

I say she should be fired and a by-election held in Mid-Bedfordshire before she gets back.

If you agree with me, perhaps you’d be so kind as to share this petit post via Twitter and Facebook. And, if you don’t, enjoy that roasted koala baby you’re having for your dinner.

Nadine sucking a baby wombat’s eye out.

What’s that you say, Skippy? Nadine has fallen down an abandoned mineshaft at the old goldmine? Well, get those gelding irons and grab a slab of stubbies, we’re having a barbie!



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2 responses to “I’m a celebrity get me a new constituency!

  1. You certainly have a strong point and you sure make it well!

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