The real goal is to rape Mali for all its worth.

Before we go all Gung-ho into Mali under the pretense of driving out militant Islamist rebels, let’s have a look at the real reasons why France, and now Britain, have such a keen interest in securing the region:

*Gold: Mali is Africa’s third largest gold producer with large scale exploration ongoing.

*Uranium: encouraging signs and exploration in full swing. Exploration is currently being carried out by several companies with clear indications of deposits of uranium in Mali.

*Diamonds: Mali has potential to develop its diamond exploration: in the Kayes administrative region (Mining region 1), thirty (30) kimberlitic pipes have been discovered of which eight are show traces of diamonds.

*Iron Ore, Bauxite and Manganese: significant resources present in Mali but still unexploited. Mali has according to estimates more than 2 million tonnes of potential iron ore reserves located in the areas of Djidian-Kenieba, Diamou and Bale.

And let’s not forget our old favourite – oil.

*Mali’s Petroleum potential already attracting significant interest from investors Mali’s Petroleums potential has been documented since the 1970’s where sporadic seismic and drilling revealed probable indications of oil. With the increasing price of global oil and gas resources, Mali has stepped up its promotion and research for oil exploration, production and potential exports. Mali could also provide a strategic transport route for Sub-Saharan oil and gas exports through to the Western world and there is the possibility of connecting the Taoudeni basin to European market through Algeria.

*Source: Global Research

I’m not saying we shouldn’t help the people of Mali rid themselves of bands of terrorists controlling huge swathes of the country. I’m saying we should have some transparency.

What exactly has President Hollande promised Cameron for his help? BP getting first dibs on oil exploration?

Before we send our troops out to die in the Sahara under the banner of defending The West from the tyranny of global terrorism, let’s have a bit of honesty about the real reasons we are going in there.

And that is to strip Mali, and its environs, of its natural resources.




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5 responses to “The real goal is to rape Mali for all its worth.

  1. Denis Goodbody

    Thanks for that. It is so important to see both sides of the scales and you present them well. I know, for example, you are no fan of the behaviors exhibited by the terrorists. It came to my notice when they tried to ban music which in Mali is a natural resource – and I don’t say that lightly. Mali’s influence on Western music, past and present, is ongoing and enormous. As regards the ‘Coalition of The Greedy’, I’m reminded of Brendan Behan’s description of terrorists as ‘The ones with the smaller bomb’. Since WWII Western powers have realized that you don’t actually have to physically occupy a country to have an empire. It’s much cheaper and easier to manage when you can manipulate puppets with ‘purse’ strings. Sadly, your figures and facts support this theory in this case. Sadder still, for the people of Mali and for the world order in general, I don’t know what the answer is because gun toting, misogynistic, fundamentalist hate-mongers are not the way forward either. Thank you for keeping the debate going and for providing information to fuel it.

    • Thanks for your comments, Denis. Very erudite as usual.

      I agree, in that I don’t think we should let gangs of extremists/terrorists roam around Mali unchecked. Particularly as the bit of footage I saw last night on Channel 4 news appears to show Malians delighted at being liberated from Islamist rule. (Obviously, what we see on the news can often be taken with a pinch of salt. But I do like Jon Snow et al.)

      I think one of the problems is that the greatest producer of many of the world’s minerals that the west needs for technology etc are in China. So I reckon part of the reason is not to be so reliant on them.

      I’m not sure what the answer is either. Perhaps a UN security force rather than individual nations with their own agendas. Then again, we all know how effective UN security forces have been in the past.

      A democratically elected government would help too. There was a military coup last year, and although the junta have agreed to stand aside, they still appear to have a lot of control.

      C4 news had a Malian musician on called Fatoumata Diawara – do you know of her? I had a look on You Tube and, language barriers aside, the music sounded great.

      I am reminded of another quote about terrorism, but I can’t for the life of me remember who by: Terrorism is the politics of despair.

      I’m not sure that applies in this case. But I can think of a few countries where it does!

  2. Denis Goodbody

    I have indeed heard of Fatoumata Diawara. I’m not an expert but I’ve done a bit of digging on the personalities and talents in Malian music and there are some fascinating characters. Notably, some strong women who are expressing themselves outside of music too, through politics and business – another thing to piss off the fundamentalists. Here’s the show I did when I first heard of the troubles:

    • Wow, just listened to your show, Denis. Thought it was great. Not only to listen to some great Malian music, but also to get a bit more cultural and political insight into the place. I’ve never been particularly adroit at music, but do I detect a bit of Cajun in there? (As in, French/American settlers were influenced by the Malians.)

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