A little application required

This is a recruitment campaign I’ve been working on recently for the Careers Service at The University of Manchester which is being rolled out at the moment, both on and offline.

Shot by the wonderful Jonathan Oakes in his Manchester studio using real students, and ably assisted by Anthony Cassell. The shots were styled by the fabulously talented Lisa Westwell.

Special thanks too, go to my clients: Tracey Campbell-Monks and Anne Milligan. (No relation.)

The colours look a bit fruity on here and are better when downloaded.

Photographer: Jonathan Oakes

Stylist: Lisa Westwell

Assistant: Anthony Cassell

Image manipulation: Jonathan Oakes










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10 responses to “A little application required

  1. I love the bold colours and contrasts. This is a really good campaign, well done 🙂

  2. Really nice work David. Crisp art direction supporting clever copy. Rare these days.

  3. Nice idea, nice look (reminds me of Dave Stewarts early stuff for Heals, which is no bad thing). Shame about the world’s most redundant yet overused client word creeping in….’solutions’. Good work though matey.

  4. Looks great David, nice one

  5. Rufus Girard

    Details count. Subtle lighting. This was done by people on top of their game.

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