Hit & Run on a Summer’s Night – new poem


© David Milligan-Croft

It’s funny looking back,
Lying on my back.
Coming from the bonnet
To this peaceful place.

The cool night grass
Stroking my grit-grazed knuckles,
Soothing the senses, numb
As the legs that lay twisted.

That’s the beauty
Of the countryside, no light
Pollution to spoil
One’s view of the stars.

One shoe on
And one shoe gone,
Along with my knee,
That bends like a clipper.

My peace is broken
By the clunk,
Clunk, clunk
Of an Escort’s doors.

The slush of the dew,
Or their beer, grows louder
As they crush my peace
Beneath Nike-clad feet.

God help me, when the adrenaline
wears off.

For my American cousins, who may, or may not be aware, a “bonnet” is what we call a “hood” on a car.


Filed under Art, Contemporary Arts, Creativity, Inspiration, Poetry, Writing

2 responses to “Hit & Run on a Summer’s Night – new poem

  1. Love the ‘slush of the dew’ being contrasted with what comes after!

  2. I wish you were a publisher, Jean!

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