Things I am grateful for #23

My old 1967 Mercedes Fintail.

It was just like this one. I chauffeured some of my best friends to their weddings in it. The Great White Shark, as one groom nicknamed it.

Unfortunately, someone decided to set fire to it while I was away on a commercial shoot in Cape Town. (I don’t think there’s a connection between the two. Unless it was a disgruntled father-in-law.)

Still, it must’ve been karma for something. What’s worrying is that I’ve done worse things since it was torched. Bugger.

This is the actual thing! Courtesy of Gordon Ireland.

This is the actual thing! Courtesy of Gordon Ireland.

Owning a classic car was an amazing experience. I adored my old Merc even though it probably spent as much time in the garage as it did on the road. I would recommend buying a classic to anyone. But a couple of things to bear in mind before you do:

1. They are very old and will invariably break down. It’s a fact of life, get used to it.

2. They need a constant stream of money spending on them just to keep them roadworthy. So, either have a fair bit of disposable income, or learn basic mechanics.

3. You need a garage to keep the elements from turning your pride and joy into a bucket of rust.

4. Join a roadside recovery organisation. (I was on first name terms with the AA.)

5. Don’t buy one if you have a family and it’s your only car. It won’t be reliable enough for that kind of role.

6. Find a good mechanic that specialises in classics. (They’re easy to find if you buy the right kind of classic car mags.)

7. Jump in, you won’t regret it.

Now, for some classic car porn…


1965 Mercedes 220 SE cabriolet.


1958 Aston Martin DB4


Triumph Spitfire.


E-type Jaguar.




VW Karmann Ghia.


Mercedes Fintail (rearview).


Sunbeam Tiger.

Volvo P1800

Volvo P1800

Finally, a shout out to the happy couples whose weddings I had the privilege of taking part in: Michael & Katy, Jeff & Fiona, Mike & Molly, Gordon & Sally-Anne and Des & Mary. Happy memories.



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2 responses to “Things I am grateful for #23

  1. What great pictures of great old cars. Now cars all look alike. You can’t tell a Mercedes from a VW Jetta. Where’s the prestige in that?
    Ruth from At Home on the Road

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