Things I am grateful for #28/365


Or, more specifically, red wine. Or, even more specifically, Shiraz.

My mate, Markham, reckons I love a snifter of Shiraz because my taste buds are shot due to my many years of smoking. (You’ll be pleased to know I’ve quit now.) I think he may have a point. Subtlety has never been one of my strong points, whether in my choice of food, drink or personality traits.

Shiraz is usually a pretty full-bodied red and I prefer mine from South Africa or Australia. Although, it did come to prominence in South East France. But they call it Syrah. (As do quite a few other countries.)

There’s debate as to where the name comes from. The obvious candidate is Shiraz in Persia. (Now, Iran.) Others say Syracuse in Sicily. To be honest, I don’t care. I don’t want a history lesson, I just want to drink it.


Shiraz, Iran.



Shiraz, Stockport.


If anyone needs me, I’ll be down the offy.


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