Things I am grateful for #30/365

I first went to see Katell Keineg in Whelan’s on Wexford Street in Dublin during the mid nineties. I was blown away by her powerful, profound and poetic voice. (And probably quite a few other words beginning with ‘p’.)

Which is hardly surprising considering her Da was a Breton poet/playwright and her Ma a Welsh political activist.

She was born in Brittany and grew up, both there, and in Wales, then moved to Ireland in about 1989-90.

This is a haunting song called The Gulf of Araby which is taken from her first album ô Seasons ô Castles.

(You can skip the introduction by clicking on the blue tab that pops up. It’s some geezer blethering on for about two minutes.)

Anyways, I am grateful that I got the opportunity to see her live. Hope you like her too.

By the way, I appreciate that people aren’t ‘things’ as the title of the post suggests. But hey-ho, bit ill-conceived. Still, nobody died.

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