Things I am grateful for #35/365


Aawwww, that’s so lovely. Too schmaltzy? (Just wait ’til I do one on ‘family’.)


You didn’t think I’d go through the whole year without doffing my cap to my pals, did you? Don’t worry, I’ll keep it brief and relatively schmaltz free.

Where would we be without the people who actually choose to be with us – for us? Whether we see them once a week or once a decade.

Friends have stood by me through thick and thin.

And believe me when I say there have been quite a few trials and tribulations over the years that would cause many a friend to give up on me, head for the Hole in the Wall, and befriend someone else, like… Genghis Khan. (And some, quite understandably, have.)

But, more importantly, most haven’t.

You kept me upright. On my feet. Wouldn’t let me fall, or give in.

For that, I am thankful, and very, very grateful. But it’s still your round.


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