Things for which I am grateful #41 & 42

Cherry Blossom trees and haiku poetry.

cherry blossom tree

cherry blossom tree

cherry blossom tree

Pink Cherry Blossom

Tree rains petals upon child’s

Outstretched fingers.





If you’re unfamiliar with haiku poetry, it’s the Japanese art of writing verse in 17 syllables over three lines – 5 – 7 – 5, respectively. Although, a lot of contemporary verse tends to ignore the exact syllable count. Personally, I usually, (but not always), stick to it. I find it adds a certain amount of discipline.

The stone

Meets its reflection

As it skims across the lake.

I have a theory why non-Japanese poets ignore the syllable count because, when the great haiku poets such as Basho and Buson were translated into English, (or any other language), they didn’t conform to 5-7-5.

Maybe I’m mistaken. If anyone knows, feel free to share the knowledge.


Siesta time nears,

Though the fountain does not sleep.

Listen, it speaks: Shhhhhhhh.


By Hiroshige

By Hiroshige



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6 responses to “Things for which I am grateful #41 & 42

  1. i love this nostalgia images!!!

  2. What a combination to warm my heart!

    Your cherry blossoms
    have lifted the stormy skies
    with soft pink fingers

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