Things for which I am grateful #43/365


I love bread. White bread, brown bread, flat bread, nan bread, olive bread, onion bread, tomato bread, garlic bread, sweet breads… actually, I think they might be something different.


I know bread is meant to be fattening but I don’t care. Which is handy as it makes up a huge part of my diet. I have it for breakfast. I have it for lunch and, occasionally, I have it for dinner. (You need a bit of bread to mop up that pasta sauce.)

I’m fortunate to have a bakery close to where I live so I tend to buy a fresh loaf every day. I might even treat myself to a cheeky little pastie while I’m there. Well, It’d be rude not to help keep local businesses afloat during a recession.

Sometimes I’m glad I’m a peasant. Otherwise I might have to eat something else, like cake.


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