Things I am grateful for #45/365.

The art of cartography.

Where would we be without maps, eh? Lost. That’s where.


I do love a bit of map making.

Not in the scientific sense, of course. Purely the artistic. I draw fictional maps of countries, islands, continents, and populate them with terrain, cities, rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, harbours, beaches, cliffs, etc. But these are just for fun. For stories for my children.

Proper cartography is a combination of both art and science. The science of navigation, topography, geography and data. It is the visualisation of complex information into an easily digestible format. What you leave out is as important as what you include. Also, it is not always necessary for maps to be realistic in scale or proportion, take the classic London Underground Tube Map, for example.

Obviously, not all maps need to be beautiful. They need to be functional. But it is when we combine the aesthetic with the functionality that we begin to create wonderful works of art.




The reality is very different to this.

The reality is very different to this.


Pangaea - with present-day borders.

Pangaea – with present-day borders.


Not all maps are for navigation. WWI satire.

Not all maps are for navigation. 1870’s satire.



Maps as art.

Maps as art.








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3 responses to “Things I am grateful for #45/365.

  1. Just love your collection of maps. ‘Lost’ is an interesting word, isn’t it?

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