Tom Waits – #53/365

“The other day, I overheard my older kids talking to my younger boy and they were saying, ‘Don’t ever, don’t EVER ask Dad to help you with your homework. He made up a war once.'”Tom Waits.

Why does this not surprise me? The man is unique. Original. One of a kind.

Tom Waits is the musical equivalent of a poet laureate. In my opinion, many of his lyrics stand up in their own rights as great poems.

A lot of his work is about the seamier fringes of society – a bit like the musical equivalent of Charles Bukowski.

Anyways, I love him. And his music is a great comfort to me. I hope it is to you.




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2 responses to “Tom Waits – #53/365

  1. Manja

    Good stuff! And Shane MacGowan! Don’t forget Shane MacGowan! 😀

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