#59/365 – Tulips

Well, on this last day of the second month of the year, I’d like to do a tiny recap for people only just joining the party.

Every day, for the year of 2014, I am writing a post about something – whether it be big or small – that I am grateful for. Could be Homer’s Iliad or Heinz’s baked beans and sausage in a tin.

Because, let’s face it, in the great scheme of things, most of us in the West are pretty privileged – even if we’re not eating Á la carte on the economic gravy train.




Here are some beautiful tulips I received for my birthday earlier this week. How can they fail to make you happy? (Thank you to Georgia for sending them to me.) I am very lucky indeed.


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7 responses to “#59/365 – Tulips

  1. jupiterseightharch

    Reblogged this on Jupiters Eighth Arch and commented:
    I love this! 365 days of gratitude! This is something I practice every day as well, though it’s in a journal, not a blog. I love the fact that this blogger is bringing their gratitude public to help inspire others to do the same. Thank you for this 🙂

  2. Hi Arielle, nice to meet you. I think so too. We often bemoan our situation before taking stock of what we do have – and not always in the materialistic sense.

  3. Doris

    Happy Birthday! bit late 😉 hope you celebrate for a month 😉
    the photos look so professional, love tulips too.

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