#63/365 – Firefighters

My youngest daughter is in Rainbows. It’s what comes before Brownies. (Which is what comes before Girl Guides – is this the same in every country?)

And today, they went to our local Fire Brigade in Stockport, (north west England). Though, I think they call it a ‘service’ now, rather than a brigade.

Anyways, she got to dress up as a firefighter, spray a hose and set the siren going in the engine. She absolutely loved it. (As did certain adults, ahem.)

Where would we be without our brave firefighters? Burnt to a cinder, that’s where. Or stranded in a flood.

So, to all the men and women of the Fire Service who risk their lives on a daily basis – thank you.


Firewoman Sam


Thing 2 doing her level best to soak us.

Thing 1 got in on the act as well.

Thing 1 got in on the act as well.

Nee-naw, nee-naw.

Nee-naw, nee-naw.

And, the real thing…





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3 responses to “#63/365 – Firefighters

  1. Definitely with you on this one! There was a time when the firefighters in Waterford gave my son the ‘grand’ tour as well. He still treasures the memory 15 years on!

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