Wings of Desire #69/365

Wings of desire, wim wenders

Wings of Desire, By Wim Wenders, my all-time favourite love story.

Starring Bruno Gantz (Damiel) and Solveig Dommartin (Marion) and a brilliant cameo by Peter Falk.

It is about an Angel who falls in love with a trapeze artist from a traveling circus. The slight problem is, she can’t see him.

Angels are all about us. We see them, not in white flowing gowns and wings, but with heavy dark grey overcoats. They walk among us unseen, except perhaps for the odd child, trying to comfort us in our hours and seconds of need.

Damiel’s dilemma is whether to relinquish his status as an immortal angel, who’s been around since the dawn of time, and become a mere mortal human so he can try to woo the girl of his dreams – Marion, the trapeze artist.

Set in Berlin, the film is shot in black and white and colour and is in English, German and French. Everything we see from the Angels’ point of view is shot in black and white, whilst everything we see from human beings’ point of view is in glorious technicolour. Poignant.







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5 responses to “Wings of Desire #69/365

  1. This sounds like a great movie. I suspect a remake was done using this theme starring Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan, called City of Angels.
    Ryth from At Home on the Road

  2. Well I once met an angel, I think, as there was no other explanation for what happened. I was taking my dog out for a walk (this was the disobedient rescue Labrador I used to own who eventually died aged 17). She was being really naughty as usual, until this tall blond Adonis wearing a white suit walked up to her, stroked her and muttered some quiet words to her that I couldn’t catch. Then he carried on walking past me, giving me a smile and a nod. I couldn’t resist looking back over my shoulder as he was quite divine looking, but he’d vanished totally in a few seconds which was quite impossible. After that encounter, my dog was a reformed character and never disobeyed me again.

  3. I could do with him to have a word in my daughters’ ears!

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