#106-128 Electricity

Where would we be without electricity106, eh? Well, I’ll tell you, here’s where…


It’s incredible to think how many of us take this miraculous discovery for granted. Here are some of the things I use on an every day basis that require electricity: ceiling lights107, lamps108, CD player109, TV110, Sky+ box111, DVD112, MacBook113, iPhone114, fridge115, freezer116, oven extractor fan117, oven118, toaster119, modem120, vacuum cleaner121, iron122, washing machine123, kettle124, microwave125, iPod126, handheld vacuum127, my car128 and me.

Maybe the last one has its own internal power supply and not reliant on United Utilities. God forbid I’d have to wait for an engineer to come out and fix me some time between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. (Usually, five minutes before the latter.)

I’m also grateful for all of the above devices and gadgets, which I find indispensable. Okay, maybe I could live without an oven or an iron. But there’s no way I could live without my Sky+ box.

Who do we have to thank for this amazing invention? Well, tons of people. Because lots of different people invented and discovered different elements related to electricity over a couple of hundred years.

Here are a few notables:

Benjamin Franklin – proved existence of electricity in nature, 1752;

Luigi Galvani – bioelectricity, 1791;

Alessandro Volta – battery, 1800;

Michael Faraday – electric motor, 1821;

Alexander Graham Bell – telephone, 1875;

Thomas Edison – light bulb, 1879.




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8 responses to “#106-128 Electricity

  1. Well, I’m just about managing without Sky. Have just gone over to Freesat, but am not enjoying waiting for the latest series of Game of Thrones to come out in DVD! As for gadgets, I’ve just brought an 8-socket surge-protected extension cable to accommodate all the electronics in my office, some related to writing and some to music. No electricity would mean going back to pen and paper, and accompanying my singing on a good old-fashioned upright piano or classical guitar — all by candlelight.

    I feel very blessed that I live in a country where an uninterrupted electricity supply is the norm — at least, at the moment.

    • I was thinking of switching to freeview as I don’t really watch many more channels than the top six or seven. I’ve never watched Game of Thrones, so can’t comment! But I love True Detective, which is on Sky Atlantic, so I think I’ll keep it for the time being.

      There is something more romantic about pen and paper, pianos and candlelight – makes me think of the Brontës.

  2. Totally with you on this too! Love the detail, especially about the inventors.

  3. Thank you Jean. You’re very kind.

  4. I think we live in the most exciting age, information is knowledge and I find more to know constantly with these gadgets. I once lived disconnected for 6 weeks, it was bliss. We adapt.

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