#157 David Bowie

Maybe you like him, maybe you don’t. Or, maybe you’re just ambivalent.

To me, he’s a living legend and formed a huge part of my adolescence.

Not just a writer, composer, musician and an actor – but a performance artist.

Here are a few old classics to wile away the evening…


And, here’s a very fabulous interview with Bowie which shows what an erudite, articulate and grounded individual he is. (Curtesy of Kelvin Hudson.)





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5 responses to “#157 David Bowie

  1. Love him! Day off tomorrow, digging out Diamond Dogs. Thanks. Nice pick

  2. Do you remember when David Bowie played the part of the Goblin King in that film Labyrinth? So cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViftZTfRSt8

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