Viva! Roxy Music #232/365

I bought Viva! Roxy Music in 1976, when I was 12.

I had a few singles from the past, but this was my first full album – and it was live! (Not sure where I got the money from to buy it. Probably pinched it off my sister. Only kidding – I had a milk round.)

A bit like Bowie, Roxy Music helped me through my formative years. (Or hindered them. It’s hard to tell which.) And yes, I did have a stupid floppy fringe.

True, they probably don’t have the creative gravitas that Bowie still holds today. But when Brian Eno was with them they were a class act.

Unfortunately, they kind of slipped into the bland malaise of pop as the years went by.

I went to see them at the Point Depot in Dublin with my good friend, Mr. Patrick Chapman. The audience was filled with 40-something+s, like us. In fact, I think it’s the last gig I went to. (I don’t really like crowds.) Or other people, for that matter.

Anyways, here are a few of my faves from the album and there’s even a link to a greatest hits should you be feeling nostalgic.

And, if you want to see what Roxy Music look (and sound) like in the 21st century, here’s “If there is something” from a gig in Lyon last year. (By ‘eck, the years have been kind to Andy McKay on sax.)


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4 responses to “Viva! Roxy Music #232/365

  1. Good choice for a first album. (Mine was by Adam and the Ants 🙂 )
    Well, I think the first two after Eno are great as well. Then you indeed get a mixed bag. (Also with Ferry’s solo work.)

  2. Completely agree. He did some great, and some dodgy, solo albums. I kind of got bored with them after Avalon.

  3. I remember when my mother was really in love with Brian Ferry. You could almost see her drooling in front of the telly screen!

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